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Access Controls

IP-based physical access control systems bring the promised benefits of IT and physical security convergence to electronic security systems. IP-based physical access systems combine modern data communications technology and IP-networking with a full software feature set for managing and monitoring facility access.

Allow Access Technologies consultants to evaluate your access needs and determine an appropriate solution for your organization.

Network-based access control systems feature:

  • IP-based: Uses existing LAN/WAN and Internet infrastructure and realizes all the benefits of modern data communications networking
  • Scalable: Supports unlimited doors and users yet cost-effective and full-featured for single-door applications
  • Robust: Operates through power and network outages and eliminates single points of failure
  • Easy to Install: Eliminates long wire runs and local software installation. Plug-and-play network configuration

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance and assessment has seen a revolution in product design. Digital cameras, switchers, recorders, and display devices are transforming how television signals can be used by security personnel for more accurate, reliable, and effective surveillance and assessment. There have been upgrades and enhancements from video manufacturers in virtually every product on what seemed to be a month-to-month basis.

Manufacturers have advanced the state-of-the-art with superior digital video recorders, better compression algorithms to reduce bandwidth requirements, better and longer recording time, enhanced water-marking for video authentication, easier interfaces to a local area network (LAN) or the Internet, and faster access to the recorded image. The cameras are smaller, perform better in low light, and can compensate digitally for varying light conditions in both analog and emerging IP digital formats.

Access Technologies has stayed at the forefront of this revolution and has leap-frogged traditional video security integrators whose lack of experience and understanding of IP networks has left them unprepared and scrambling to leverage the dramatic changes in the industry. Access Technologies is well-positioned to assess your requirements and determine what technology is needed to meet your business needs; we have the network skills to see that it gets deployed correctly the first time.

Video Surveillance Servicessecurity_image

Access Technologies can assist you in designing your Digital Video Surveillance solution, integrate the solution with your existing IT infrastructure, help you procure the necessary hardware and software, and provide solution support and long-term maintenance.

Digital Video Surveillance requires no tapes and can feature higher image quality than analog—reducing exposure from video degradation and misplaced tapes and enhancing content availability. By making the transition to digital video, you can reduce maintenance and labor costs by automating the day-to-day capture, indexing and storage of video content, and can enable uninterrupted and automatic storage of video surveillance to disk. Because digital video is networked and accessible from virtually anywhere at any time, you can more effectively manage and monitor remote sites.

By integrating Digital Video Surveillance into your corporate IT network and infrastructure, you can provide real-time access to critical security information to the people who need it. Innovative tools and analytics can provide automated real-time alerts and the ability to rapidly query captured video metadata for post-event analysis.

An Access Technologies Video consultant will:

  • Lead you through a short, systematic analysis of your business' current day-to-day operations, as well as your facility and physical surroundings.
  • Recommend a complete system configuration that will meet your particular needs and improve security in the workplace.

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